The London Mayor's Ridiculous Performance At The Olympic Games Has Everyone Wondering If He'll Be Next Prime Minister

Boris Johnson

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London Mayor Boris Johnson has been seen a sudden boost in international infamy since the start of the Olympics — insulting Mitt Romney and getting stuck on a zip wire being amongst his highlights (so far).The world seems to have taken notice. “Is Boris Johnson just an eccentric buffoon?” muses one Australian Reddit user (who gets some pretty good responses). The answer is no, he is not just an eccentric buffoon. He’s also an incredibly smart tactical politician.

Johnson’s charismatic populism has made him a great ambassador for both the games and the United Kingdom, and there’s — yet again — a growing theory that he has his sights set on becoming a UK Conservative Prime Minister.

A new poll published in the Sun today suggests that if the Conservatives had Boris as a leader rather than David Cameron they drop to just one point behind opposition party Labour (under Cameron the Conservatives are 6 points behind).

Some are now arguing that Boris could become leader before 2015, the date of the net election. He may have the backing of the man who has a habit of “picking” UK leaders:

And Americans, don’t laugh at the prospect of mop-haired Boris running the UK. He was born in New York, so is technically eligible for the US presidency too.

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