The Mayor Of London Knocked Over An 8-Year-Old Boy While Skiing In Italy — And Now Italy Loves Him

Boris Johnson

[credit provider=”Jeff J Mitchell / Getty”]

Boris Johnson, the ever-entertaining mayor of London, was skiing in Val d’Aosta, Italy, recently when the portly 47-year-old collided with an 8-year-old child.Disaster, right?

Well actually, this may end up being a PR executive’s dream, as the boy’s father has written a widely publicized letter praising Johnson’s behaviour after the crash.

“He didn’t stop saying ‘sorry’ and blaming himself, embarrassing me to the point that I told my son to say, in rather broken English, ‘No problem, not your fault’,” the letter to Corriere della Sera read (unfortunately not online but has been picked up by a number of British papers).

The Italian father decided to write the letter after discovering that the man who had just floored his son and showed such “kindness and ordinariness” was “one of the most interesting figures on the British political scene, as well as the future host of the next Olympics”.

In particular, the letter writer compared Johnson’s amicable demeanor to those of his own country, “Will it ever be possible to also have here in Italy politicians who display political weight and intelligence, combined with simplicity and decency in everyday life?”

Of course, not everyone in the UK is the biggest fan of Johnson, who was off skiing when controversial public transport fare increases appeared in London early this year.

Incidentally, less than a year ago Johnson wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph decrying the widespread use of helmets when skiing.