Boris Johnson went to Iraq and didn't pay his bar tab

Mayor of London Boris Johnson went to Iraqi Kurdistan last January and he left without paying for his drinks.

According to information released by the Foreign Office in response to a freedom of information (FOI) request, they had to pick up Johnson’s personal tab after he left the country without coughing up the cash. Johnson did later pay the Foreign Office back.

The Foreign Office organised the trip for Johnson to visit British troops training Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State. However, the FOI release shows Johnson didn’t quite stick to the script — here’s some of the stuff he got up to.

His personal protection officer had to stop him driving off in a F-Type Jaguar from a car showroom.

Here’s an email that the British UK Consul General in Erbil sent after the Daily Mail reported the story.

Johnson really wanted to go and watch the Kurds fight ISIS. The Foreign Office had to stop him.

To keep Johnson happy they did arrange for him to visit a training camp. It looked like Johnson had fun.

The FOI release reveals that there had been “some politics between No10, MOD and the Mayor’s Office” over whether it was OK for Boris to visit a refugee camp. But Johnson went ahead and visited one before anyone could stop him.

UK Trade & Investment even contacted the Foreign office and asked for help to stop Johnson doing something stupid by announcing a trade deal before the contract for it had actually been signed.

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