Bored By the YouTube Debate? Play NameMyVote

With interest in tonight’s CNN/YouTube debate destined to fade even faster than contributions to the McCain campaign, political geeks will soon have to look elsewhere for their Web 2.0 fix. Thankfully, a new New York startup promises to provide endless, mindless entertainment through the presidential campaign.

NameMyVote, a HotorNot-like site that caters to Clinton critics and Bush bashers alike, lets visitors guess whether fellow users are Democrats or Republicans based solely on their profile pictures. Prophetic armchair pundits are awarded points for making correct picks, and are then given the chance to earn bonuses by guessing which presidential candidate the user supports.

In addition to racking up points for being right, much of the fun lies in learning what percentage of people actually guessed a user’s party affiliation wrong.

“I realised that there were quite concrete stereotypes for conservatives and liberals in the U.S,” said Evan Kaye, who founded the site earlier this month. “At the extreme, people find examples amusing, and when people’s prejudices are not [confirmed], they are often times amazed,” he said.   

Still, as amusing as it is to be surprised when a large, Southern-looking stranger with a buzz cut and army fatigues turns out to be a bleeding-heart liberal, the site would no doubt also benefit from including more recognisable celebrities and athletes.

Started by the same people who founded NameMyTune and SeatSnapper, NameMyVote says it has already logged over 300,000 guesses. Kaye, who says the Facebook application is on the way, indicated that the site’s members are pretty evenly split along political lines.  To us, however, the site seemed particularly popular among Republicans.

Obama girl, where are you?

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