Here's Who Was At The Super Exclusive Kleiner Perkins Party Last Night

KP partyA very nice affair.

Photo: Exclusive to Business Insider

Top Silicon Valley VC firm Kleiner Perkins held its annual holiday party last night at the fancy Menlo Circus Club, and a lot of high-profile people were there.With an ex-vice president in the house, even spouses weren’t allowed in. The spots were reserved for investors and their portfolio founders.

Here are some partners and their friends who we saw schmoozing well into the night:

  • Former VP of the U.S. Al Gore
  • Co-founder of Sun Microsystems Bill Joy
  • Former Morgan Stanley analyst (and current Kleiner partner) Mary Meeker
  • Former Twitter engineering head Mike Abbott, who just joined the firm last week
  • Longtime partners John Doerr and Brook Byers and founding partner Tom Perkins 
  • Bing Gordon, who joined a couple years ago and led Kleiner’s moves into gaming and social
  • Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla
  • Economist Laura Tyson
  • HP Chairman Ray Lane
  • Ex-MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta, who just left his role as chief business officer at Zynga last month
  • Former Hulu CTO Eric Feng — his new company Erly is a Kleiner investment
  • Facebook e-commerce leader Jared Morgenstern

Everyone was dressed up except for an entrepreneur with a DropBox sweatshirt and another with flannel jammy bottoms on. Parked outside, of course, was a Fisker — the super sexy electric sports car from the latest startup trying to wean drivers from gasoline.

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