Finally, US Employers Ready To Start Creating Jobs Again


Here’s good news from temp staffing firm Manpower, which just completed its latest employment and staffing survey.

American businesses, they say, are ready to start creating new jobs. The cuts are over, and though they won’t be going hog-wild adding new workers, they are going to go out there and find some.

As you can see form the chart, the outlook in the US is for job creation in the beginning of the new year.

Most of the rest of the world is growing, too, although check out the nightmare in Ireland, Spain, and Japan.

Now see how things look in the rest of the world >>

Our neighbours to the north are rebounding very nicely

China, still motoring along

Hong Kong, sharply coming out of recession

Japan, on the other hand, continues to be a basket case

France, also not showing much robustness, but then, things have been pretty steady there.

Ireland continues to be a total trainwreck

Spain is another basket case, a la Ireland

And the UK, if they're lucky, just might get back to even

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