Boom! Bing Passes Yahoo

StatCounter says Microsoft’s (MSFT) new search engine Bing has been more popular than Yahoo (YHOO) during its first few days on the market. TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters pulled together the chart this morning and we’ve pasted it below.

Obviously, five days is a tiny sample size. ComScore’s Andrew Lipsman tells us: “You’ve got to give a new launch at least a week to get a reasonable read on what’s happening.” It’s also safe to assume that many of Bing’s users are people who are just trying it out. After Google launched its Chrome browser last fall, it quickly gained a 6% market share among our readers only to sink to 0.74% of CNET’s a couple months later.

Still, we’re impressed enough that so many people are trying the thing out. Guess an $80 million advertising campaign does still buy you something.

The chart:

Bing Stats

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