Books And Magazines Lead List Of Fast-Growing Mobile Content Categories

The U.S. mobile audience for books and magazines grew more than 60 per cent between October 2011 and October 2012, according to data provided by comScore.

However, weather and search continue to dominate in terms of total audience size. 

comScore measures audiences across mobile apps and the mobile Web, giving a full picture of mobile audience growth trends.

In addition to enormous growth in e-books, there has been a wave of experimentation with mobile magazines, including Marco Arment’s The Magazine and The Awl’s new weekly magazine, The Weekend Companion.   

The other fast-growing categories, ordered by mobile audience growth, were retail, payments, lifestyle, credit cards, and men’s magazine content, each registering at least a 50 per cent gain in mobile audience over the past year.

mobile categories by growth

Weather and search are the largest mobile content categories by total size, each with excess of 80 million users.

Notwithstanding their heft, the 10 largest mobile categories all notched at least a 25 per cent gain in audience size in the past 12 months.

That growth is impressive and indicative of the U.S. market’s continued upside over the past year. But expect growth rates to slip as smartphone penetration slows

mobile categories by size

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