Bookmakers are giving Floyd Mayweather a 91% chance of beating Conor McGregor

Mayweather versus McGregorGetty ImagesConor McGregor (right) may never have competed as a professional boxer but that has not stopped British bookmakers from offering 6/1 odds on him defeating all-time great Floyd Mayweather (left).

British bookmakers have priced Conor McGregor as a 6/1 shot to beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing rules contest.

This means for every £10 you bet on Conor beating Floyd, you would receive £60 back plus your initial stake if your bet was successful.

Ring legend Mayweather, 40, recently confirmed he is out of retirement and is hoping to agree a lucrative match-up with UFC superstar McGregor, who is 13 years his junior.

An undefeated professional, Mayweather has beaten some of the biggest names in boxing over the past 20 years including Oscar de la Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Manny Pacquiao.

Though McGregor is a highly-accomplished mixed martial artist he would enter a boxing ring as a novice against a former five-weight world champion — Mayweather — in what would effectively be his professional boxing debut.

However, that has not deterred the bookies who, at 6/1, believe McGregor still has a 14.3% chance of upsetting American great Mayweather when it comes to “implied probability.”

Mayweather, meanwhile, is 1/10 to beat McGregor which means that for every £10 you bet on Floyd beating Conor, you would receive £1 back plus your initial stake if your bet was successful.

The bookies therefore believe that Mayweather has a 91% chance of defeating McGregor when it comes to “implied probability.”

What is implied probability?

Implied probability is a conversion of fractional (6/1) odds into a percentage (14.3%).

It factors in the bookmakers’ edge and can be used as a means of eliminating any advantage the bookie attempts to retain when expressing the true odds of an event occurring.

A quick way of calculating implied probability involves taking the “denominator” (if the odds are 6/1 the denominator is the 1, if the odds are 5/2 it is the 2) and dividing by the denominator plus the numerator.

For odds of 6/1, the calculation is basically 1/(6 + 1). This is 0.1428. Multiply by 100 and you have your percentage of 14.28, rounded up to 14.3%.

Unique bets for Mayweather versus McGregor

Bookies are also offering odds on other elements of the fight. The chances of Donald Trump attending the fight are rated at 8/1.

And although it is yet to be confirmed, there are already 33/1 odds on a rematch taking place under mixed martial arts rules.

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