What It's Like To Be Dyslexic

A new book called “I Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Dyslexic” is aimed at helping regular readers understand what it feels like to struggle with reading.

The book — currently part of a Kickstarter project — was designed by Sam Barclay. Barlcay is a recent graphic design graduate from the United Kingdom. He is also dyslexic.

People with dyslexia have a “neurological disorder that causes their brains to process and interpret information differently,” according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

The disorder affects everyone differently — letter and number reversals are common, but dyslexia sufferers may also have trouble with grammar and vocabulary. These problems make it hard for dyslexics to understand what they are reading or even hearing in conversation.

Medical Daily’s Chris Weller explains: “Words may seem jumbled, upside down, or backwards.”

The book attempts to simulate that confusion. Letters are flipped around, strange colours are used, and words are all over the place.

Barclay is trying to raise around $US23,000 by November 28. So far he has pulled in more than double that. For around $US30 you get a copy of the book before it’s available anywhere else.

The book will be launched with a public event once the Kickstarter campaign is over, according to the project’s website.

Learn more about the book in Barclay’s video below, which features some of the unusually designed pages.

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