New Revelations Keep Popping Up, As Book Claims DSK Assaulted A Mexican Maid


A woman who claims to be a former colleague of Dominique Strauss-Kahn wrote a book that says the IMF chief is “credited with several alleged sexual assaults, including a Mexican maid.”

According to a translation of an article by El Universal, the book, written in French, was penned “by a former collaborator of Strauss-Kahn who used the pseudonym “Cassandre” to refer to details of the officer’s personal life.”

The mystery author of “D.S.K: The Secrets of a Presidential Contender,” alleges that the IMF chief sexually assaulted a maid in Mexico, “when he made an official working visit.. Apparently this incident was not reported to the authorities.”

A Mexican news agency, El Universal, cited an article in an Italian paper called Corriere della Sera that discusses the book.

The Mexican chambermaid allegation was also cited in the Daily Mail today.

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The book, which is apparently zooming up the Amazon charts in France, was published last year, according to the New Yorker, and includes this passage about Strauss-Kahn:He is always on the hunt for new women. He is a pleasure seeker. Like all great political animals, he has trouble controlling himself. His eye for women is sharp as a laser. When he enters a cafe, an office or any public place, the ritual is the same.

He does a little survey, turning his head almost imperceptibly to the left, then to the right, while carrying on talking. It lasts only a few seconds, just enough time to evaluate his chances. After identifying his prey, he bombards them with text messages, usually with the opening salvo “I want you”.

According to the New Yorker, when the book was first released, it “was met both with disbelief (cries then, as now, that it must be part of a “campaign” or “plot” to ruin D.S.K.’s presidential bid), and with renewed interest in some old stories that had been floating around, without, it seems, anyone doing much about them.”

Corriere della Sera and the Daily Mail also quoted a French radio journalist called Thierry Ardisson, who claims that at least 14 other women have been “jumped” by DSK.

According to the Mail,

Thierry Ardisson said: ‘Everyone knew about it. I have 14 women pals who have told me: “He tried to jump me.” I think that guy has an illness: you can enjoy s*******, but not to that point. He needs therapy.’

The Mail also learned that his alleged philandering may have seen him try to befriend a former ‘victim’ in the weeks leading up to charges for sexual assault and attempted rape in New York.

The embattled IMF head is currently being held in isolation in Rikers Island prison, without bail.

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