Boobstagram Wants Women To Instagram Their Breasts To Fight Breast Cancer


Photo: Boobstagram Screengrab

Two French men have created Boobstagram, a website that collects Instagrams of women’s breasts as a part of the “fight against breast cancer.“(They also subscribe to Playboy for the articles.)

Making use of the backlogs of lingerie pics on Instagram, Boobstagram has compiled 54 pages of images and uses the tagline (translated from French) “Showing breasts on the web is good, show[ing] them to a doctor is better.” There are currently 24,322 pictures tagged #boobstagram on Instagram.

The site’s “About” section gives statistics about the prevalence of breast cancer and explains, “We can not all be surgeons or oncologists. But we can all take our share of prevention, for ourselves, for our loved ones and others. But how? How to be heard in the public sphere saturated with messages? How to avoid the pitfall of moralism?”

Unfortunately for Boobstagram’s fighting cancer platform, the only picture that might help breast cancer detection is a mammogram.

Boobstagram’s Facebook page has almost 5,000 likes and features the “boob of the day,” and comments include “Now this would be worth a billion dollars, Mark!

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