7 Fascinating Facts About Boobs In Sports From The ESPN Article Everyone Is Freaking Out About

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There’s a great article about boobs and sports in this week’s “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine.

A lot of people argue that the Body Issue is objectification disguised as art, which is why Twitter freaked out when the boobs article dropped this morning.

But we actually learned some things from the article. Having breasts is an issue for a lot of female athletes.

Some women take extreme measures to either reduce the size of their breasts or prevent them from growing altogether. And the science suggests that athletes with large breasts are at a big disadvantage.

Seven fascinating boob facts from the article:

  1. An A-cup boob weighs .43 pounds.
  2. A D-cup boob weighs ~4.43 pounds.
  3. “The nipples on a C- or D-cup breast can accelerate up to 45 mph in one second — faster than a Ferrari. “
  4. The sports bra wasn’t invited until 1977.
  5. Some scientists guess that girls with large breasts are discouraged from competing in sports because of “pain and embarrassment.”
  6. Competitive gymnasts have been known to under-eat and overtrain in order to delay puberty and reduce breast size.
  7. The first woman to run the Boston Marathon was told that her boobs would atrophy and her uterus would fall off.

Read the entire article here >

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