Bonobos introduced a solution for guys who are too tall or too short for regular shirts

BonobosBonobosBonobos shirts come in short, regular, and long.

The average height for American men is five feet, nine inches. And if you’re that height, or around that — congrats, shirts from most retailers were made for you.

Everyone else is probably suffering with a button-up shirt that is either too long or too short. There are a few ways to deal with this: hemming, searching for special sizes, or just dealing with it.

Bonobos has come up with one solution that is rather elegant, however. Just like you would pick your preferred fit, the brand will now let you select your shirt length, just like a suit jacket.

Most shirts come in short, regular, or long, and there’s no extra cost for choosing long or short over regular sizes. Not sure if your shirt is too long, too short, or just right? Fear not, because Bonobos offers a little guide for you.

There aren’t many brands offering up this many different SKUs for shirts (three different fits and three different lengths, not to mention XS all the way to XXL) because of the extra logistics involved. So if you’re a picky guy or just a little longer than normal, it seems that Bonobos has you covered.

The sizes seem to be limited to casual shirts for now, which makes sense as most dress shirts already come long so that they can be tucked in.

These new options match the “better fit” ethos that the brand first launched with, starting with the curved band in their pants range.

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