Bon(o) Jovi Wants To Sing Away Hillary's Debt Blues

Musicians seem to love to get mixed up in politics. (Bono, anyone?) Jon Bon Jovi is getting set to play a concert for Sen. Hillary Clinton this month as she tries to pay up all the millions in debt from her failed presidential campaign before being confirmed as Obama’s Secretary of State.

NBC Bay Area: It’s no ordinary gig: Bon Jovi runs the risk of losing some of his hard-earned blue-collar cred by helping bring the wealthy pol into the black at a time when corporations are begging taxpayers for billions and ordinary folks are pinching pennies.

Or to put it in bluntly Bon Jovian terms, what would struggling lovers Tommy and Gina of “Livin’ on a Prayer” say?

To his credit, 46-year-old Bon Jovi is no Jon-come-lately to political and social activism. He performed for former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton when they were awarded the Liberty Medal in 2006, and he’s on speaking terms with pols ranging from former Republican New Jersey Governors Christie Whitman and Thomas Kean, to Dems like Obama and former Vice President Al Gore.

His outspokenness in the fights against poverty and global warming, and his work with Habitat for Humanity have spurred talk he might one day run for office (he denies any interest), or at least threaten to saddle him with the nickname “Bono” Jovi.

It’s not the first time the New Jersey singer has backed the New York senator.

He’s been friendly with Hillary Clinton since she was first lady (he reportedly calls her “Mrs. C”), and has donated to her campaign coffers.

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