Bonehead VC Pitch of the Month


SAI contributor Mark Davis is a venture capitalist at DFJ Gotham.  He writes Get Venture, a blog aimed at helping entrepreneurs trying to raise money from VCs.  Many more of Mark’s contributions here. 

How Not To Submit An Executive Summary
A friend of mine told me that an entrepreneur recently mass emailed nearly two hundred VCs his executive summary. To make matters worse, the person carbon copied all of the venture capitalists, enabling all of them to see what the person had done.

Needless to say, that was a terrible idea. This decreased, not increased, the likelihood that the individual would be funded. There are now two hundred VCs who don’t want to hear about his business idea since they know he’s an idiot. 

Do yourself a favour and be thoughtful about how you submit your business plan. Read my post, Submitting Your Executive Summary, for some tips.

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