Defunct Military Planes Are Reborn As Amazing Works of Art

bone yard project painted planes

Photo: Jason Wawro for Eric Firestone Gallery

For defunct military planes, the common resting place is a “boneyard,” where retired aircraft are stored or used for scrap metal.Looking at the old planes, gallery owner Eric Firestone envisioned a different sort of recycling, using the old planes not as sources of metal, but as unique canvases for unconventional artists, and the “Bone Yard Project” was born.

Curated by Firestone, Carlo McCormick, and Medvin Sobio, the exhibition Round Trip: Art From The Bone Yard Project featured planes painted by graffiti and street artists, who produced some amazing designs that evoke the nose art that marked many World War II planes.

Unfortunately the exhibition, in Tuscon, Ariz. ended earlier this year. But the gallery was able to share some awesome photos with us.

This DC3 was redecorated with ink and latex by Retna, an artist from Los Angeles.

It's painted with acrylic.

Here's a closer look at the striking art on the tail.

And a view at dusk.

Here, San Francisco-based Schoultz is at work.

The fuselage shows two men hanging on. One is on the phone.

Now see some planes that are still flying.

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