Social media users are heaping praise on Bonds for its new Christmas ads which feature a gay couple in underwear

  • Social media is brimming with praise for Bonds over its new Christmas ad series which features same-sex couples.
  • Instagram users hailed the brand for “representing love in all forms” while one Twitter user said they were inspired to stock up on Bonds products in response.
  • Still, the ads did invite some backlash from users who vowed to boycott the brand.

Social media users have heaped praise on Bonds for its new Christmas ads which feature two men holding hands and kissing while wearing Bonds-branded briefs.

Bonds dropped a series of Christmas ads on its Instagram page featuring the same-sex couples. The first ad was posted last week and included a gay couple laying on the ground holding hands.

Another was posted several days later, featuring two men kissing in the middle of what appears to be breakfast.

“It’s the little moments that make the Christmas season so special,” the caption on the photo reads.

Social media users were quick to praise the brand for honoring the LGBTQ+ community.

“Normalise it,” one user commented beneath the photo. “Well done Bonds.”

“YAY for representing LOVE in all of its forms,” said another.

One Twitter user said that the ad inspired them to buy “Bonds underwear for everybody on my list this Christmas.”

Still, the post did draw some backlash.

One Twitter user called to boycott the brand, calling the ads “offensive.”

Another Instagram user lamented that the ad had “nothing to do with Christmas.”

The brand has taken positive steps to become more inclusive in its marketing. In March, the company debuted ads featuring transgender model and activist Andreja Pejic in lingerie.

Judging from the largely-positive response, the strategy seems to be working.