Bondi Surfer Gets Knocked Unconscious By A Whale

Getty/ Cameron Spencer

A Bondi local had a close call in the surf this morning after a whale thought it would drop in on the waves.

38 year old Bishan Rajapakse was knocked unconscious when his surfboard was hit by a humpback whale at Bondi Beach this morning, according to SMH.

He was taken to Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital and officials have said he is in a satisfactory condition and is expected to return home tomorrow.

Bondi Icebergs lifeguard Paul Martin saw the whale come within 100 metres of the rocks when it began to “play” with the surfers.

“It was as big as a bus, easily 40 foot long and it just sent the surfers flying like skittles,” said Martin.

Suspected to have been hit with the tail of the huge animal, Rajapakse was held up by a fellow surfer while lifeguards came to the rescue.

Surfers who witnessed the incident have said the whale had seemed inquisitive and was watching the surfers for about 15 minutes before Rajapakse was hit.

Bondi rescue life guard Anthony Carroll told The Sydney Morning Herald surfers should never approach whales when they appear.

“The tail of a whale is the strongest muscle on any animal in the world – some humpback whales get up to 80 tonnes. It’s an extreme no-no to go in the vicinity of a whale.”

It wasn’t until a few hours later that the whale left Bondi heading north flanked by police boats and jet skis.

Read the full report here.

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