Bombing In Jerusalem: How Will Israel React?

israel bus bomb

A deadly bomb ripped through a crowded bus station in Jerusalem Wednesday, killing one and injuring at least 30. Witnesses said the blast, which came from a bomb left in a bag on the side of the road, shook buildings across a wide area. Reporters on the scene said bodies were lying around, covered in blood, and that nearby cars and buildings had shattered windows. None of the militant factions in Gaza has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but Hamas is the prime suspect.

Dan Ephron says Israel could emerge the loser of this game whether it chooses to retaliate or not.

Israel’s impulse following today’s bombing in Jerusalem and a string of rocket and mortar attacks in recent days will be to bombard the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, possibly reprising its 2008-2009 assault that killed more than a thousand Palestinians. But the diplomatic reality for the Jewish state, more isolated than in decades and vulnerable to the region’s seismic shifts, is a sober one: Israel probably can’t afford another Gaza war.

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