'Dark Knight Rises' Hysteria Travels To Pittsburgh Where Man Yelled 'Bomb' In Crowded theatre

A man caused mass panic at a Pittsburgh-area AMC Loews theatre Sunday evening when he reportedly yelled “Bomb!” during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Video surveillance from the theatre, broadcast by CBS Pittsburgh, shows hundreds of people running from the theatre after the outburst.

Police say the false announcement was made right after an argument between two women. However, they are are unsure of whether the argument is related to the bomb scare.

Police believe the person responsible is 6-feet-3-inches tall black man who weighs about 230 pounds and is around 30 years old, CBS Pittsburgh reported Tuesday.

One man was hurt during the melee and was treated for a back injury and abrasions at a local hospital.

Watch the mass confusion, courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh:


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