If You’re Worried About Armageddon, Buy This Nuclear Bomb-Proof Space Station For $3 Million

jamesburg antenna

[credit provider=”via Jamesburg Earth Station Website” url=”http://www.jamesburgdish.org/”]

Carmel Valley is an idyllic swath of vistas and vineyards situated about 20 miles southeast of Monterey, CA. There are outdoor weddings, wine tastings, charming inns, shops–and a nuclear bomb-proof earth station. And it’s for sale, for $2,950,000, according to the LA Times (via eXtravaganzi).

The Jamesburg Earth Station was constructed by NASA in 1968–amid the machinations of the U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms race–to receive transmissions from Apollo moon landings. It can also supposedly withstand a 5-megaton nuclear hit.

AT&T used the station’s huge dish (about 11 stories high and 98 feet across) for satellite communications, but Jeffrey Bullis, CEO of Absolute Turnkey Services Inc., has owned the station for seven years, according to Jessica Guynn of the LA Times.  He bought it for $1.7 million and invested $2 million more in the property.

“It makes a great place for armageddon,” Bullis told Guynn. The station, which is 20,000 square feet, operates with an independent air system and contains an indoor basketball court, a helicopter landing pad, a three-bedroom house, and a barn.

It’s situated, next door to a family vineyard, on 160 acres of rolling, tillable land. Which is an enticement, but not really if you believe in the possibility of nuclear armageddon. 

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