Inside Bojangles' -- the Southern fried-chicken chain that's about to take over America

Bojangles’ fast food chain has been making fried chicken and biscuits since 1977. Most locations are in the Southern United States but they’re hoping to expand. Following is the text of the video.

Bojangles’ is a popular fast food chain in the South. There are over 700 locations. The first one opened in 1977.

Jensen Rubinstein: So here we have a chicken plate with Bojangles’ famous chicken and biscuits. This is real chicken, with bones in. We have a thigh and a leg, a biscuit that comes with every plate, and the dirty rice. It’s so juicy!

You can also get boneless chicken tenders or a variety of chicken sandwiches.

Kurtis Denny: My favourite is the Cajun Filet Biscuit. They always give you a piece of chicken that doesn’t fit quite on the biscuit so it’s more bang for your buck. And I love it because it’s a little bit spicy too.

Bojangles’ dirty rice is made with sausage and spices mixed in. There are four different dipping sauces:

Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Bo’s Special Sauce

Jensen Rubinstein: One of the favourites of Southerners is ranch. They will put anything in ranch — chicken, fries, rice probably? Mac and cheese, I don’t know, in the ranch.

After that, if you still need another biscuit, go for the Bo-Berry Biscuit topped with icing. Or, get some for the road.

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