A Bunch Of People Burned Themselves Trying Out The Boiling Water-To-Snow Trick

When some dangerous activities make their way on TV, they are usually accompanied with a warning that stunts were done by professionals and should not be attempted at home.

It looks like Meteorologist Eric Holthaus — who yesterday posted an insane video of him turning boiling water into snow — probably could have used that warning in his video. But he wasn’t alone, as other meteorologists and reporters did the same thing on-air, Los Angeles Times reports.

As it turns out, some people were intrigued so much they had to try it. About 50 of them reported burning themselves on social media, according to an estimate from The Times.

In Holthaus’ video, which was shot in Viroqua, WI, near La Crosse, it was -21°F with a wind chill of -51°F.

Here’s the original video, along with the amateurs below:

And now the amateurs:

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