BOEING: We Need Six More Months To Fix The Dreamliner

787 dreamliner assembly everett boeingThe Boeing CompanyThe 787 Dreamliner in assembly.

Boeing will need about half a year to resolve the “teething” issues that have plagued its 787 Dreamliner over the past two years, and make the plane as reliable as the stalwart 777 jet.

Speaking at a press conference before the Dubai Air Show, Marty Bentrott, a Boeing regional sales chief said, “When do we think those problems will be behind us and the plane will be reliable? I think it’s probably another six months or so,” according to The Economic Times.

Boeing has resolved the serious problems with its lithium-ion battery system that prompted the FAA to ground the Dreamliner for several months, but smaller issues have been persistent. Customers including Norwegian Air and Poland’s LOT have been forced to repeatedly ground 787 flights in recent months.

Boeing is replacing some hardware and software prone to glitches, but “that stuff just takes time,” Bentrott said.

“We’re delivering on our performance commitments,” he said. “What we need to deliver on is our reliability commitment.”

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