Boeing Just Ripped Airbus As It Debates Opening A Plant In The US

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing was thrust into defence this weekend after plans that Airbus would open a factory in Alabama were leaked.

In a statement made to the Wall Street Journal, a Boeing spokesperson chided its rival for trying to win American business by opening a plant on U.S. soil

“While it is interesting once again to see Airbus promising to move jobs from Europe to the United States, no matter how many are created, the numbers pale in comparison to the thousands of U.S. jobs destroyed by illegal subsidies,” Boeing said.

The plant is expected to employ 1,000 people and could help the European giant land contracts as U.S. airlines refresh their fleets over the next decade. Airbus already spends more than $12 billion a year with U.S. suppliers, but assembles its jets largely in France and continental Europe.

Airbus declined to comment to the Journal and is expected to announce a decision on the plant by Monday.

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