China Is Poised To Snatch Up Hundreds Of Boeing's Next Generation Plane

Boeing 737 MAX737 MAX rendering

Photo: Courtesy Boeing

While Boeing just made its biggest ever sale to a little known Indonesian airline, the Washington based company is expecting big gains in China as well.According to a Bloomberg, Boeing believes they will sell around 200 of its next-generation 737 MAX to Chinese airlines this year alone.

Boeing will face stiff competition in the market from Airbus’ new A320neo as well as China’s own Comac C919. In fact, Boeing expects that once Comac expands around the globe, it will be a tough competitor for years to come.

Bloomberg says that forecasters are anticipating a large growth in the sheer number of planes in China over the next 20 years. Up to 5,000 planes could be ordered by Chinese customers, and 71 per cent of them are anticipated to be the 737 MAX, A320neo, or C919.

While the planes will be sold this year, they are not due to be delivered to customers anytime soon. The A320neo should enter service in late 2015, the C919 will follow in 2016, and the 737 MAX is expected to be delivered to customers in 2017.

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