10 Body Language Tips To Make Your Next Presentation Great

Malcolm gladwell tedTEDPopular author Malcolm Gladwell always appears comfortable on stage.

Once you finish your written speech or PowerPoint slides, you’re only halfway done preparing a great presentation.

When you’re in front of an audience, a lack of confidence can compel you to nervously rush through your material, forgetting along the way that the purpose of a presentation is to benefit your audience.

By not only committing your presentation to memory, but also practicing proper body language you’ll appear more relaxed and in control.

The experts at SOAP Presentations in São Paulo, Brazil, compiled the following presentation on the most important body language techniques to look like a natural in front of your boss, colleagues, and clients.

We’ve published the slides here with SOAP’s permission.

Now check out which gestures to avoid:

Comedian Eugene Cordero pretended to be disastrous presenter 'Colin Robertson' at TED2012.

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