Body language expert: Hillary owned the debate from the moment she walked on stage

Hillary clintonJoe Raedle/GettyHillary Clinton enters the Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13, 2015 at Wynn LAs Vegas.

Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate was Hillary Clinton’s to win, and that’s exactly what she did, according to the majority of pundits and critics in the media.

Politics aside, Clinton clearly looked the most presidential, said body language expert Dr. Nick Morgan, a communications coach to Fortune 50 companies and the bestselling author of “Power Cues.”

“I would say Hillary owned that debate from the moment she walked out,” Morgan told Business Insider. “Of the five candidates, she was the one who walked out with confidence. Her body language was saying, ‘I own this stage. I’ve got this nailed. Don’t worry, I’m in charge.’ And in fact, she was.”

She outperformed the other candidates.

Joe Raedle/Getty

As for the body language of the other candidates, Morgan said:

Lincoln Chaffee: 'I mean, I think if he isn't finished as a result of that evening then it won't be long. But he certainly didn't look presidential.'

Jim Webb: 'We all expect our debaters to be a little stiff and nervous at first, perhaps, but expect them to be comfortable by the end. But he never really eased into it, except to complain that he wasn't getting enough air time. So he didn't do himself any favours.'

Martin O'Malley: He has great stage presence, but didn't have to content to back it up, Morgan explained. 'He's the tallest person on the stage, he's very good-looking, he's got good posture, and so just showing up and being seen on the same stage with Hillary and with Sanders is a win for him ... It took him a long time to get over the nervousness, so he didn't put in a strong performance.'

Bernie Sanders: 'I think the only problem with Bernie is he's a ranter, and do we really want a ranter to be our president? It's like Donald Trump. We respond to the emotion and we respond to the apparent authenticity, but in the long run will people want that?'

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