A heart-stopping video shows a small plane crash-landing in Boca Raton and just barely missing a worker on the ground

A small plane crash-landed at a Boca Raton airport on Wednesday, narrowly missing a worker on the ground. YouTube/WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida
  • A small plane crash-landed at a Boca Raton airport in Florida on Wednesday, apparently missing a man on the ground by mere inches.
  • Surveillance footage shows the plane zooming into the fencing as a nearby worker stands near the open trunk of a car.
  • The worker bolts out from behind the car just in time and runs to safety while the plane collides with the fencing, barely missing him.
  • The pilot has been identified as local orthodontist Robert Eckelson, WPTV reported. Airport officials told the station that Eckelson had just taken off from the Boca Raton Airport and tried to touch back down on the runway after encountering a problem in the air.
  • Instead, he missed the runway and smashed into the parking lot of a jet-maintenance company called Reliable Jet.
  • Reliable Jet employees told local media they immediately ran out to go help the pilot and co-pilot.
  • “The co-pilot was just numb. He didn’t know what happened. And then we saw the fuel coming out of the jet,” German Gomez, an employee who witnessed the crash, told WSVN.
  • Eckelson was taken to a hospital but later listed in good condition, and the co-pilot received only a minor injury, WPTV reported.