South American Soccer Game Halted After Fans Try To Climb A Barbed Wire Fence And Storm The Field

boca juniors river plate fans climb fence

The “Superclásico” between Argentine soccer clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate

had to be halted for 15 minutes yesterday when violence spilled onto the field.The game was stopped in the second half when fans lit smoke bombs, set off flares, threw things on the field, and even tried to climb a steel fence lined with barbed which separated the crowd from the field.

This is the most bitter rivalry in all of South American professional soccer, and these insane photos from Buenos Aires tell you why.

Smoke rises from either end of La Bomberona

~40,000 fans were packed into the 70-year old stadium

The game was stopped with 15 minutes to go as fans try to climb onto the field

Blue and yellow smoke bombs obscure the crowd

Boca fans looked to be the primary offenders

Some fans made it to the top

Riot police were deployed to deal with them

Police took to the field to escort coach Ramon Diaz off the pitch

A fan holds a flare

A fan manages to sit atop the fence

Plumes of smoke rise above the crowd

A young kid yells in a more sedate area of the crowd

No injuries were reported

The game ended 1-1

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