Ex-Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino Exchanged 4,300 Texts With His Mistress, And 200 More With A Model/Republican Aide

bobby petrino arkansas coach after motorcycle crash

Photo: YouTube

Since Arkansas fired Bobby Petrino on Tuesday, the former coach’s mobile phone records have been made public. As it turns out, he texted more than anyone you’ve ever met.The two big revelations:

1. He and his 25-year-old mistress Jessica Dorrell exchanged 4,300 texts over a seven-month period. That’s one text per hour for seven months, calculates Darren Rovell. They also traded more than 300 phone calls in that time.

Petrino already admitted to an “inappropriate relationship” with Dorrell. So these phone records don’t mean a whole lot in that respect. But on the other hand, how exactly does the head coach of an SEC football program have so much time to sit around and text?

2. In addition to the Dorrell texts, Deadspin dug through the records and claims that Petrino exchanged more than 200 texts over a two month period with Alison Melder — a 26-year-old senate assistant for the Arkansas Republican Party (according to her LinkedIn page) who also won the “Miss Motorcycle Mania” modelling competition in 2008.

There are also allegedly seven picture messages from Melder to Petrino.

Neither Melder or Petrino has commented, so the reason for these texts remains unknown.

We’ll give you more updates from the Phone Records Of The Century when they leak out.

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