The Motorcycle Model Who Exchanged 200 Texts With Bobby Petrino Denies Ever Having An Affair With Him

Bobby Petrino Jessica Dorrell text messages

Photo: YouTube

Alison Melder, the former Arkansas Republican party aide and motorcycle model who exchanged more than 200 texts with fired Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, is denying the entire claim.Melder released a statement through her lawyer via email to Deadspin:

“Unfortunately, my client has been drawn into a firestorm that is simply sad. While she did meet Coach Petrino last fall and kept in touch; the truth is that Alison has never in her life been alone with Coach Petrino. She is not a public figure, and any suggestion that she was involved in an extramarital affair with Coach Petrino is false. And it is actionable.”

Deadspin has reached out to Melder’s lawyer to get more information, but he hasn’t responded.

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