Apple’s Indispensable Employee, Bob Mansfield, Sold $20 Million Worth Of Stock This Week

bob mansfield

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Apple’s SVP of Technologies, Bob Mansfield, sold 35,000 shares last week at $582, netting himself ~$20.4 million, according to a SEC filing.Mansfield still has 29,548 shares, and as 9 to 5 Mac notes, he’s due to get 150,000 shares next year if he stays at Apple, and then another 150,000 if he’s still there in 2016.

Mansfield has been an active seller of Apple’s stock. Last year he sold 99% of his Apple shares for $13.7 million. In the fall before that he sold $11 million worth of shares.

Earlier this year, Apple announced the retirement of Mansfield. He had been leading the hardware engineering group. Employees were distraught about his departure, and didn’t think his replacement could handle the job.

Tim Cook convinced Mansfield to stay at the company by giving him a lot of money and a new set of responsibilities. Also, he fired Scott Forstall, who Mansfield did not like.

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