Bob Mansfield, Apple’s Indispensable Man, Gets New Responsibilities

bob mansfield

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For months, Apple has listed Bob Mansfield as a “senior vice president,” with no specified duties, on Apple’s website.Now he’s finally got a formal title: In a reorganization, CEO Tim Cook has named Mansfield the head of a new group called Technologies, which works on wireless products, including the custom-designed semiconductors that run Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

Earlier this year, Apple announced Mansfield’s retirement, but Cook persuaded him to stay after top Apple engineers protested that his replacement as Apple’s hardware chief, Dan Riccio, couldn’t handle the job.  

He’s been making millions of dollars a month as an advisor to Apple’s hardware division, reporting to Cook.

Now Cook tells employees Mansfield will stay at Apple another two years.

Mansfield rose to prominence at Cook’s right hand. He joined the company after Apple acquired Raycer Graphics, where Mansfield was vice president of engineering.

In 2004, Cook, who’d been running Apple’s supply chain, got the additional job of running Apple’s Mac division. An executive who’d been running Mac hardware, Tim Bucher, left that year, and Mansfield formally took over that job in 2005. In 2010, he got responsibility for iPhone and iPad hardware, too.