Bob Katter just dumped former One Nation senator Fraser Anning from his party

Michael Masters/Getty ImagesFraser Anning

Outspoken Queensland MP Bob Katter has expelled his one and only senate recruit, Fraser Anning, from his eponymous party just four months after the fellow Queenslander joined it.

A statement from the Katter Australia Party president Shane Paulger accused the neophyte senator of “dividing Australia along racial, European and non-European divides, which in fact destroys the message which was carried so initially extremely well and laudably by Senator Fraser Anning”.

“Despite of the most severe and clear warnings, Senator Anning has continued down this pathway and consequently we announce the termination of his endorsement by the KAP,” Paulger said.

“Clearly Fraser wants the freedom to pursue his crusade and we think it is best for he and the party to give him this freedom.”

Anning, 69, has been a senator for less than a year, replacing One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts who was forced out of parliament for breaching the Constitution’s dual citizenship rules.

He defected from One Nation even before he was sworn in as a senator last November, then sat as an independent until joining KAP in June.

In August he made national headlines when Anning delivered his maiden speech, focusing on immigration and using the term “the final solution”, which was widely condemned, while also calling for a return to the White Australian Policy, and a ban on Muslim immigration.

Katter, at the time, called it “a magnificent speech. It was solid gold.”

Today Katter said “99% of what Senator Anning has been saying is solid gold”.

Anning will now remain in the Senate as an independent. He will face re-election next year

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