Bob Iger: Disney Could Still Do A YouTube Deal

There was quite a bit of talk about Hulu on Disney’s conference call yesterday, including a question from one analyst about why the Mouse House chose to partner with NBC and News Corp.’s joint venture instead of YouTube, with which Disney execs were also reportedly in discussions.

In short, CEO Bob Iger said while YouTube has a lot more traffic than Hulu, most of the traffic to Google’s video site is driven by short-form, user-generated content. Hulu, on the other hand, is already set up to distribute long-form content and is thought of as a site that delivers that. YouTube is still converting itself into a site that offers both.

But Iger added that even though Disney has a deal with Hulu, there’s still a possibility of its long-form content ending up on YouTube.

That makes sense. Sony, for instance, has deals with both Hulu and YouTube to stream its movies and TV shows, and even makes some of the same movies available across both platforms. So, if it wasn’t a problem for that studio to link up with both sites, we doubt it would be for Disney. But given how meager Sony’s TV show offerings on YouTube are compared to what’s on Hulu, does this mean that Disney would only give YouTube older shows like Zorro or The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet?

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