Despite Sexual Harassment Accusations, San Diego Mayor Will Headline A Conference On Military Sexual Assault

attached imageSan Diego Mayor Bob Filner

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is embroiled in controversy, facing accusations of sexual harassment and groping. He stands accused of said he forcibly kissed two female constituents and grabbed the buttocks and breast of a female staff member.

So now is probably not the best time to serve as the keynote speaker for a conference on sexual assault in the military.

Filner is slated to speak at the National Military Women Veterans Association of America’s benefit against military sexual assault, sexual harassment and violence next month.

The event was initially called the Bob Filner Lifetime of Leadership Benefit Gala, but the group wisely thought better of that.

A press release on the association’s Facebook page reads as follows:

Due to the recent events of allegations of sexual harassment, admission of inappropriate behaviour by the Mayor and his personal cry for help, National Women Veterans Association of America has removed the mayor from being honored at the benefit gala to support the Military Sexual Assault Community.

flyerThe National Women Veterans Association of America advertises their benefit in this very ugly flyer.

This is good, but wait for the next line:

“He is now the keynote speaker on these injustices.”

This from a man who described himself in a recent interview on KUSI-TV in San Diego as “a very demonstrative person. I express myself very demonstratively, I’m a hugger.”

It’s unclear whether Filner will even still be mayor by the time the event rolls around late next month.

While he has so far resisted calls to resign, he has also not denied the accusations.

In a July 11 YouTube video produced by the city, Filner said his behaviour was inappropriate and wrong and he needs help.

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