Here's The Presentation Backing Up Bob Doll's 10 Big Predictions For 2015

Nuveen Asset Management’s Bob Doll is out with his annual list of 10 predictions for the new year.

Doll called last year’s equity rally the “least believed bull market of my career,” and sees stocks rising for a seventh year to outperform cash, commodities and bonds.

“If 2015 resembles the first quarter of 2014, we’ll be on the wrong side of this prediction, but if the coming year looks anything like the last three quarters of last year, this one would be easy to achieve,” Doll wrote.

Doll is also forecasting that 2015 will be the year when wage growth begins to rise.

Doll presented the charts behind his 10 predictions at a breakfast on Wednesday, and we were able to get a copy of his presentation, which includes the charts and stats that are behind his investment framework.

Thanks to Nuveen Asset Management for giving us permission to feature this presentation.

Now that you've seen Bob Doll's predictions ...

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