Bob Corker says he's 'all in' on the Republican tax plan despite vicious feud with Trump

  • Bob Corker’s vote on the GOP tax plan has been in doubt since the start of his feud with President Donald Trump.
  • Corker told CNBC he is “all in” for tax reform despite the fight.

Sen. Bob Corker says he isn’t going to let a vicious war of words with his own party’s president stop him from supporting an overhaul of the tax code.

The Tennessee Republican told CNBC that he is still on board with the GOP’s tax overhaul despite a fight with President Donald Trump that has gotten personal at times.

Since tax reform is part of the Republican agenda, Corker said, he is “all in” for the plan.

“It would be like somebody in your listening audience representing their company, sitting across the table from someone they may have a low regard for,” Corker told CNBC. “But are they going do something that’s going to damage their company because of that? Absolutely not.”

A member of the Senate Budget Committee, Corker also pointed to his role in crafting the budget resolution that will allow Republicans to move forward with tax reform through the process of budget reconciliation.

Even before his feud with Trump, Corker’s support was in doubt after he expressed trepidation with any tax plan that would add to the federal deficit. Then, the animosity between the two spilled out in the open, with Corker saying the president would be remembered for “the debasement of our nation” and Trump charging that Corker “couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee.”

The House is expected to vote on the Senate’s budget resolution Thursday, which stands as the final procedural step before the tax reform process kicks into high gear.

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