The Story Of The Hedge Funder Who Got Into A Bloody Motorcycle Wreck On The Way To His First Job Interview

Here’s a crazy tale we learned about Bob Chapman, the Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based hedge fund manager on CNBC today with the scariest headshot ever.

When Chapman was on the way to his first finance job interview he got in a motorcycle accident.

Banged up with a suit covered in glass and blood “gushing out” of him, Chapman still went in for his interview with Salomon Brothers.  He ended up getting the job.

Chapman relays the story in an email to us (Note: lightly edited for clarity): 

“…I ended up flying through the back glass shell window on a pickup truck that stopped suddenly in front of me.  The guy comes around and says, ‘Holy sh**, you alright?  You are bleeding pretty bad … I gotta take you to the hospital.’  I reply, ‘No, you gotta take me to Salomon Brothers.’  I show up at Salomon’s SF HQ, blood spurts all over my résumé when I hand it to the associate recruiting me (Bill Frasier), and then I tell the managing director (Bill Thompson, soon to be head of PIMCO) and the trading room the story of my accident.  I get the job on the spot.”

Now that’s badass.

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