Amazon's Star Engineer Lives On A Gorgeous 52-Foot Yacht

Dirona cropped 3

Photo: James Hamilton

We told you about James Hamilton, a distinguished engineer who makes sure Amazon’s $4.5 billion tech infrastructure business runs smoothly.About four years ago, Hamilton and his family made a decision to sell most of their belongings and “hack their lives” as Wired’s Robert McMillan describes it

The Hamiltons moved aboard the Dirona, a custom-built, 52-foot Nordhavn yacht; they were intimately involved in the boat’s design.

Hamilton often sails the Dirona from Hawaii and works remotely from there. He commutes on a bicycle and he does his shopping via Amazon Prime, picking up purchases at the local UPS store.

The Dirona is often stationed in Hawaii near Waikiki.

This isn't the couple's first yacht. They shopped for 10 years before choosing a Nordhavn 52.

Here's a shot of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor in Hawaii where they often live.

The inside looks just like a condo.

Here's a look at his land vehicle of choice, a bicycle.

This is a view of the neighbours when docked in the boat harbor.

Sailing off into the sunset.

Here's a look into how other techies spend their lives:

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