13 Reasons Why Bo Is Still The Only White House Dog That Matters

The Obamas welcomed Sunny, another black Portuguese Water Dog, to the White House on Monday night.

Sunny’s addition to the First Family came just more than four years after the spectacle that came with the selection of the Obamas first pet, the famous Portuguese Water Dog named Bo.

If the last four years have been any indication, Sunny will be hard to top Bo’s legacy at the White House. Here are just a few reasons why:

He’s very interested in children’s books.

He gets airlifted to extravagant family vacations.

He puts up with all the holiday festivities, probably because there’s a lot of food around.

Children only rarely seem terrified of him.

image url=”http://static.businessinsider.com/image/5213b74b6bb3f7ef0f000012/image.jpg” alt=”Bo Obama” link=”lightbox” size=”xlarge” align=”center” nocrop=”true” clear=”true” source=”AP”]

He’s always there to give President Obama a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

He makes a good impression for his owner with other dogs.

An entire soccer ball, grasped in mouth. That’s pretty impressive.

This is not as impressive, but arguably cuter.

He knows how to slip away when it gets boring at official White House events.

He’s a good little brother to his human sisters.

And he looks like he’s off to a good start as a big brother to Sunny, too.

But he is, overall, righteously unimpressed with the new addition.

He is unafraid to give the President a questioning look when he makes a face like that.

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