Bo Xilai's 'Playboy' Son Denies He Has Returned To China

Bo Guagua Xilai Son

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Bo Guagua, the 24-year-old son of ousted Chinese leader Bo Xilai, has played a minor though important role in the ongoing scandal that saw his father ousted from the Communist Party and his mother charged with the murder of a British businessman.Despite this, Bo Guagua has apparently not returned to China, despite the serious charges surrounding his parents.

However, this weekend rumours were rife that that had changed. The Telegraph’s Malcolm Moore spoke to a source who said that the Harvard-educated Bo Guagua had flown back to China and may even play a role in father’s trial, which, according to another widely-spread rumour, was due to be starting today.

However, Bo Guagua has swiftly denied the rumours to two China correspondents from the New York Times and the Guardian:

The rumours about Bo Xilai’s trial also appear to have been false.

At this point the its not surprising at all that a rumour about a Chinese political scandal has turned out to not be true — in fact its weirder when that doesn’t happen. But what might be more surprising is that despite the scandal that has engulfed his parents and the note he has written saying he did not believe the accusations against his parents, Bo Guagua has not returned to China — even when his mother was on trial for murder.

Perhaps a clue lies in Moore’s Telegraph article:

The younger Mr Bo will also have to tread carefully: some experts have said the evidence presented at his mother’s trial and at the trial of Wang Lijun, his father’s chief of police, could incriminate him.

“They laid the ground to bring charges against Bo Guagua if they want. If not, it means they have done a deal,” said the diplomatic source.

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