BNY Mellon Unveils New Regulatory Feature

A new library that consists of global financial regulatory changes has been released by BNY Mellon Asset division to help institutional clients stay informed and abreast on reform proposals, the company said.

The new feature, entitled Regulatory News is set to provide clients with summaries of recently proposed regulations, updated changes and reports that monitor the development of proposed regulation.

‘The regulatory landscape over the last few years has experienced sweeping reform and calls for greater transparency and oversight in financial investments,’ says Dan Wywoda, head of global product management for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing. ‘These dynamics are shaping the way all our clients do business [and] as new regulatory items are introduced, we’ve been identifying the likely impact on clients and introducing new products and enhancements to address those changes.’

BNY Mellon is one of the many companies offering this new feature to institutional investors to help them cope with the changes as it happens and those that lie ahead.

‘The material in the Regulatory News section will help our clients better prepare their businesses to meet the growing requirements mandated by governing bodies,’ Wywoda added.

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