British Far Right Party Uses London Attack As Recruitment Tactic

The British National Party (BNP) has sent out an email that uses yesterday’s brutal murder of a soldier in London as a recruitment tactic.

Political Scrapbook has a screenshot:

bnp woolwich email

The email, signed by leader and MEP Nick Griffin, ends with the sign-off (you can read the entire thing here):

Let’s not mess about, you are angry, so am I.

So take action NOW – join the ONLY political party that will stand against the enemy within.

Don’t put it off – JOIN NOW and send this email onto all your friends and family asking them to become a member too.

Anti-immigration political groups have been out in force after yesterday’s attack – members of the anti-Islamic English defence League (EDL) took to the street of Woolwich last night and clashed with police.

It seems unlikely either the EDL or the BNP will gain too much support from the incident, however. Both groups are pretty much fringe groups in 2013.

Whether the incident somehow ties into support for UKIP, the anti-Europe/anti-immigration group that has been making waves in the UK recently, remains to be seen. However, UKIP’s immigration rhetoric is far less radical than either the EDL or the BNP.

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