Say Goodbye To Your Car's XM Radio, MOG And BMW Will Let You Stream On-Demand Music From Your iPhone

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Yesterday we got a sneak peek at BMW and MOG’s new car integration.

Sounds boring?

This isn’t your Dad’s “iPod integrated” station wagon.

BMW and MOG partnered up to offer the first “On Demand” music service inside your car, and it works just like the MOG app on your iPhone.

AUX cables are a thing of the past.

You control everything using the iDrive knob next to the car's shifter.

You'll need the MOG app from the App Store to get the service up and running in the BMW.

See these channels within the MOG app? You have access to all of them through the car.

Your iPhone pops into a holster in the centre console. BMW designed the holster to channel your phone signal through the car's antenna!

Once you open ConnectedDrive on your navigation screen, MOG comes up as an option.

It's pretty simple to navigate MOG using the iDrive knob. All the features you love are here.

We searched for The Strokes, and their entire discography came up. We picked a song, and it started streaming immediately.

You can also play all the songs you've saved into offline mode using the MOG app.

Custom radio stations work great when you're not exactly sure what you want to listen to.

The New Releases section will be an oft-visited area, updated every Tuesday.

If you want to use navigation alongside music browsing, split-screen mode can handle it.

You can also navigate menus using a spinning cylinder on your steering wheel.

Want to listen to the music on your iPhone's hard drive? There's AUX mode, too.

New BMW cars even support Twitter and Facebook via apps built by BMW.

First we'll check out Twitter integration, which is rudimentary, but will come in handy.

This is your Twitter feed. The car can read your tweets, giving you a morning news update on what's happening right now.

Here's your Facebook news feed. The car can read these updates to you, too.

If you want to post updates to Twitter or Facebook, you're limited to saying where you are, how far you are from a destination, or what the weather's like there.

Another cool feature is that when your iPhone is plugged in, you can access the Agenda view of your calendar and even navigate to the location attached to an event.

BMW hopes to expand its app compatibility to search apps like Yelp and Foodspotting.

So why did BMW pick MOG for this partnership? BMW felt that MOG provides a better experience than Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, and Napster.

And while you can't send text messages using BMW apps, you can make and receive calls.

Someday, BMW hopes to work Siri into the mix.

So when can you get it?

To use apps like MOG in your BMW or Mini Cooper, you'll need the $249.99 BMW Apps package.

It'll all start working together later this month inside March 2011 and later vehicles.

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