We took a ride in the classic Isetta BMW that opens from the front

The BMW Isetta is a microcar that opens from the front. The Isetta is one of the most popular microcars to collect and has a large following. The car seats two people and is powered by a 12 or 13 hp motorcycle engine. The following is a transcript of the video.

This BMW opens from the front. This is the BMW Isetta. The odd car has a big fan base. The bench seat can hardly fit two people.

Anatoliy Blinetskiy: I mean, you can squeeze yourself on the right.

The Isetta only has a top speed of 53 mph. But achieves an impressive 80 mpg. The most iconic feature of course… The “refrigerator door.” BMW’s Isetta was built on licence from an Italian automaker. Today, it’s the most popular microcar to collect. BMW produced over 160,000 Isettas from 1955 to 1962.

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