BMW's first electric car may be able to communicate with iPhones and Apple Watches

BMW may be working with Apple on the in-car operating system for the BMW i3, according to German auto magazine The Auto Motor and Sport (via Pocket-Lint).

The report says BMW had been holding “regular talks” with the iPhone maker about “topics like connected car vehicles.”

The publication went on to say that Apple’s operating system would be deeply ingrained into the i3, which is BMW’s first mass-produced car with an electric powertrain. From the report:

This would allow not only iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, laptop and Mac computers to communicate and exchange data, but it could also be integrated with the car’s fuel consumption and movement data.

The report comes just as rumours had suggested that Apple has been developing its own electric car. The Auto Motor and Sport’s report suggested that Apple and BMW could be collaborating to develop an electric car, but BMW denied those rumours to Reuters.

Apple already has a platform for the car,called CarPlay: It’s advertised as a safe and simple way to use your iPhone while on the road, for things like managing your music, or responding to texts and phone calls. This connection between Apple and BMW would go one step further, giving Apple access to data about the car, such as its fuel and movement levels.

Tesla Motors already offers many of these features for its car owners, and then some: With the free Tesla Model S app, owners can check their car’s charging progress in real-time, start or stop charging, heat or cool the car before driving, flash the lights or honk the horn while it’s parked, open or close the roof, or lock or unlock the car remotely. It essentially lets you use the Model S without a traditional key fob.

Apple’s connection with BMW might let it act similarly: In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook said as much in an interview with The Telegraph in February:

“The [Apple] Watch is designed to be able to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now used by many vehicles,” he said.

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