This €234,437 supercar just boosted BMW sales

German automaker BMW just revealed that the ultra expensive supercar Rolls-Royce Ghost helped boost overall sales by 14.7% to €20.9 billion (£15.4 billion).

In the carmaker’s earnings report for the first three months of the year, it said that its ultra-luxury segment,
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars achieved the second-best first-quarter sales volume performance in its history, after it sold 310 Rolls-Royce Ghost cars during the period. This is a 1.6% increase from the previous period.

The number of cars sold doesn’t seem like much but each Rolls-Royce Ghost costs around €234,437 ($US263,200), excluding any customisation requirements.

The German automaker added that the BMW X5 model, which costs around €47,886 ($US53,900) recorded a 29.7% surge in sales volume, which helped boost overall revenue.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • New highs for sales volume, revenues and earnings in first quarter.
  • Group revenues up by 14.7% to €20.9 billion.
  • Profit before financial result 20.6% higher at €2.5 billion.
  • Profit before tax improved to approximately € 2.3 billion
  • Earnings outlook for current year confirmed.

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